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Permanent Makeup (PMU)

Permanent makeup (PMU) is a cosmetic tattooing procedure that involves implanting coloured pigments into the skin using a tattoo machine and needle, to enhance your facial features, most commonly eyebrows, lips and eyeliner.  Also known as semi-permanent makeup (SPMU), micropigmentation, cosmetic tattooing.

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This is a shading technique done with a machine. Tiny pixels of coloured pigment are implanted into the skin creating a powdery finish - perfect for those that are used to pencilling in their brows everyday. Healed results can be soft and natural looking (like a fresh eyebrow tint), or more dense with an ombré graduation (replicating conventional makeup products). Powder/ombré brows are suitable for all skin types and any amount of natural brow hair.


Pigment is implanted into the skin by machine in a pattern that mimics real eyebrow hairs similarly to microblading. Katie opts for machine hairstrokes over microblading due to minimal skin trauma with a machine and less chance of scarring. This is a more gentle technique and is actually suitable for all skin types, even oily, unlike microblading. However this style of brow is not recommended if you have lots of thick, coarse natural hair because this is difficult to blend hairs with a tattoo.


Using both hairstrokes and shading techniques combined to create permanent brows. This style is ideal for anybody seeking to have permanent eyebrows with any amount of brow hair due to its natural yet defined results. A combination brow would look great every day with or without makeup.


Katie does not offer microblading - please see “Hairstroke Brows” to understand how she achieves natural looking brows with a tattoo machine, rather than microblade. Microblading is a manual technique that uses a handheld blade to deposit pigment into the skin, replicating real brow hairs. This technique is only suitable for those with a dry - normal skin type, that is youthful and has good levels of elasticity. Microblading cannot be used to cover up previously tattooed brows due to its natural looking approach.


LIP BLUSH - £350

The most popular lip design to add volume and contour your lips. Opt for a soft and dusty, natural look or be bold with brighter or bolder colours. Also suitable for lips with dermal filler. Your lips will be lightly outlined first, then shaded to add a flush of colour and blend the newly defined vermillion border.



The perfect crisp line tattooed along either your top or bottom lash line between the roots of your eyelashes. This eyeliner is great for fair clients or those that don’t typically wear eyeliner everyday but would like to enhance their eyes, making their lashes appear more full and dense.


Same as above but both the top and bottom liner is tattooed if you book for a double lash enhancement. Results can be thin and crisp allowing for a subtle heal or slightly thicker for a more noticeable result depending on your desired finish.


A defined winged eyeliner is perfect for those who like a bit more drama and are already used to wearing liquid winged eyeliner everyday. Eyeliners like this tend to be a lot more permanent because the pigment extends into areas that are less likely to fade. The position of the wing will be pre-drawn and discussed prior to being tattooed. Please be aware that we cannot safely tattoo pass your crease, anything bigger than this will have to be added with makeup once the tattoo has healed.


A slightly softer version of a winged eyeliner due to a pixelated blend from across the eyelid to the point of the wing. This style of eyeliner is great if you love wearing a kohl eyeliner pencil daily.


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about permanent makeup. If you can’t find your answer on our website, simply use the “contact us” page to send a message, or book a free permanent makeup consultation to ask Katie in person!

YES and they’re FREE! If you are looking to have your permanent makeup done by Katie, you must schedule a permanent makeup patch test and consultation to be carried out at least 48 hours before treatment. The patch test is then valid for 6 months (providing no medical changes) and existing clients seeking to have a colour boost will need a new patch test if it has been over 6 months since their last permanent makeup treatment. Please note, a negative patch test does not guarantee that a reaction will not occur, nor will having had the treatment done previously.
There are a number of variables that can impact the longevity of your permanent makeup such as your lifestyle, skin type, medication, and skincare products, however the average person requires a colour boost every 12 - 18 months. We tend to call it permanent makeup (PMU) and not semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) due to the fact there is no guarantee the pigment will ever completely leave the skin. This is the case with all techniques including microblading and machine work.
Treatment times vary depending on the area being tattooed. Brow appointments are typically 2.5 hours long, lips are usually 3 hours and eyeliner ranges between 2 and 3 hours depending on the style.
A colour boost every 18 months (on average) will keep your permanent makeup looking fresh. However your eyebrows might still need waxing and tinting if that is what you’re used to because PMU does not change the natural hairs. Lips and eyeliner can be left alone - perhaps a little lip balm or oil daily to keep the lips well hydrated, and a bit of mascara, lash lift or lash extensions will compliment any eyeliner beautifully. However none of this is necessary, permanent makeup is very low maintenance - the ultimate “get up and go” look!

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